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In 1926, Catholic scout groups left the ÖPB and founded the Austrian Scout Corps St. Georg (ÖPK) under the leadership of Adolf Klarer. The Austrian Girl Scout Corps St. Georg, which is affiliated with the ÖPK, was created for Catholic girl scouts. Many Girl Scouts reported to the Red Cross. Danyel Reiche: Crazy about the Reds. In 1982 the Christian Scouts Royal Rangers began their work in Switzerland. The Warwick version was exported worldwide, but in Europe it only made it into the top 10 in the Netherlands and Belgium (4th each), in Great Britain and Germany Dionne Warwick only landed at number 42. In Germany this was until Heartbreaker in 1982 their first and last chart listing. The club's nickname is The Robins, as a robin was featured on the club's crest from 1976 to 1994. In 1976 the Boy Scouts of Austria and the Austrian Girl Scout Association of St. Georg joined the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Austria. After the collapse of the Association of Austrian Girl Scouts, some of the groups founded the Austrian Girl Scout Association of St. Georg (ÖPVSG) in 1950. The Association of Austrian Girl Scouts was founded in 1945 by Charlotte Teuber-Weckersdorf, the daughter of Willy "Uncle" Teuber and niece of Emmerich "Papa" Teuber. In 1912 Emmerich Teuber founded the first scout group in Vienna. The first World Scout Moot took place in Kandersteg in 1931.

The first joint federal camp between the SPB and BSP took place in 1980. In 1966, the 6th SPB federal camp took place in Domleschg, with 12,000 participants. In 2022, the federal camp was held in Goms in the canton of Valais with 30,000 participants. The next PBS federal camp Contura 08 took place in the Linth plain in 2008. The PBS gave itself a new association structure in 2003. In 1987, the SPB and BPS merged to form the Scout Movement Switzerland (PBS). The PBS was now led by an association management instead of the federal management and federal executive board. For Franco Fossati, the reasons for the comic's popularity lie in the "simple gags and intentionally paradoxical comedy." The Coupe Latine, the predecessor of the European Cup, was already available before. With the song Awake, he came third in the third semi-final Moved into the final of the preliminary round. In 1992, napoli football shirt a World Scout Moot was held for the third time in Kandersteg. In 1951, the 7th World Jamboree took place in Bad Ischl, which kicked off with the 13th International Conference of the Scout Movement in Salzburg. Together they celebrated the centenary the Boy Scout movement in Austria. The first Girl Scout groups were formed in Austria in 1913.

In 1985 the Christian Scouts Royal Rangers Austria were founded in Dornbirn. After the start of the war in 1939, the Boy Scouts were also deployed in Switzerland in the Boy Scout Auxiliary Service to support the army. In Switzerland, the Boy Scout idea quickly caught on with a few interested educators and youth friends, so that in French Switzerland, the boys' groups of the Christian Association of Young People (YMCA) quickly realized that the ideas that Baden-Powell had brought into the world appealed to boys much more enthusiastic. The first Girl Scout groups were founded in Switzerland in 1911. Lorelai assures him that everything is over between Jason and her and they have a first kiss. The games were played between January 2nd and 6th, 2015. The tender offer should be published on January 3, 2018. As a rule, two groups are formed in which everyone plays against everyone else; the two best placed qualify for the semi-finals, from which the champion is determined using the knockout system. However, there were still contacts between the two alliances. After that, the game was largely characterized by inaccuracies and ball losses on both sides. The first German-speaking scout groups for boys in what is now Namibia were founded in Tsumeb in 1924 and in Windhoek in 1926. The Südwesterlied was written by Heinz Anton Klein-Werner for the Boy Scouts in 1937 and is still the official anthem of the German Boy Scout Association of Namibia today.

Until Namibia's independence, this association worked together with the English-speaking South-West Africa Division of the Boy Scouts of South Africa and the Boer Voortrekkers. This year, the Old Scout Guilds of the ÖPB and the Old Scout Clubs of the PÖ merged to form the Association of the Old Scout Guilds of Austria, today the Scout Guild of Austria. The body shape with the "hip swing", also disparagingly referred to as the "sorrow crease" on this model, did not meet the public's taste (unlike its contemporary competitor, the Opel Rekord C). There, on May 11, 1977, HSV defeated the defending champions RSC Anderlecht in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam with goals from Schorsch Volkert and Felix Magath, who was signed as a talent at the start of the season, inter milan new kit 2-0 in the last twelve minutes – the greatest success for Hamburg and the team up to that point third success by a Bundesliga club in this competition. It was the third important Norwegian find after the Tune ship in 1867 and the Gokstad ship in 1870. The Oseberg ship is still the richest and most important find from the Viking Age. Manichaeism is a special phenomenon of late antiquity. In 1957 WAGGGS took the Austrian one St. Georg Girl Scout Association as a member.