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eine Verkettung von unglücklichen EreignissenOrmåsen comes from the town of Brumunddal in Ringsaker municipality. Before Guingamp, another club from Brittany, FC Lorient, had already won the coupe for the first time in 2002. Contrary to the current trend, the completely redesigned stadium was again provided with an athletics track and is therefore not purely a football stadium. In the semi-final first leg, Zaragoza beat Real Madrid 6-1 thanks to four goals from Diego Milito, who scored a hat-trick in the first half, and a brace from Ewerthon. A clear 0-4 defeat in the second leg was enough to reach the final. The travel time on the 391 km between Madrid and the country's third largest city, Valencia, is reduced from just under four hours to 95 minutes. There was a successful revenge four times: Ajax Amsterdam won and lost a final against Juventus Turin and AC Milan, Liverpool FC won and lost a final against Real Madrid and also against AC Milan. After their return, the shipping company used the "Lady" on the connection between Liverpool and Dublin. 100 years after the first men's international match between Scotland and England, the Scottish women met England on November 18, 1972. He played in his 129th international match ( World Cup qualifier against Austria on September 6, 2013) broke Gerd Müller's German goal record with his 68th international goal.

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